Friday, July 31, 2009

Why am I up you ask??!?!

I'll tell you why.....for the last 2 nights Alexa has started crying and wont go back to sleep. Up until now she has been sleeping throught the night 9-12 hours for almost 8 months......what's going on you ask...........TEETHING! She has a molar coming in on her right bottom side for sure (I can see that one) and I don't know if there are any others. She wakes up in pain (I guess) then cries.....and cries....and cries!! I gave her pain killers, but she just wants to be up. I'll give her an hour, then its back to bed crying or not. uggghhh!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where's the pit??

Everyday when Alex gets home he gives Alexa a plum from our tree. I've never seen this ritual but from what he tells me it's fun to watch. Yesterday while I was holding her he gave her a plum and she started eating it and this is how our conversation went.....

(Kerri) So what do you do with the pit when you give her these??
(Alex) when she starts to suck on it I get it out of her mouth.
(Kerri) OH, I didn't see you take it from her.
(Alex) I didn't yet.....
(Kerri) Really??!?! Cause it's gone!

Yep, she swallowed a plum pit. While searching the Internet to see if it would be harmful I noticed hundreds of parents have stumbled upon the same situation. She swallowed it at 4p and Monday and by 10a it was out, good as new. It's a good thing my girl is regular, she has never had a problem going and this time was no different!

What daddy doesn't know......

.......wont hurt him. Alexa loves to be up with me when I'm getting ready for the day and she LOVES toothbrushes!! It kinda grosses me out to let her chew on mine, and she hates her toothbrush (no minty flavor) so since daddys at work, she chews on his......shhhhhh, don't tell.

Dinner outside

It was a cool, beautiful day yesterday so we decided to have dinner on the patio. It was really nice and we got some cute pictures of Alexa. Shes got avocado on her face, she LOVES avocados!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Meliahs baptism

It was Meliahs special day on the 4th. She will never forget the anniversary of her baptism. She is such a sweet spirit, I'm glad we were there.

I wanted to bring the cake so I asked her what she wanted (color, flavor, flower...) and I went to town. She was easy to please, but it put on the pressure knowing the cake was for someones special day.

Beach, Fun and Sun!

We went to the bay area a few weekends ago and were able to relax for a few days. Here are some of the things we did while we were there.....

We went to the beach for a few hours and it was a great time. Here are some random pictures from our day. The water was FREEZING, but the little ones still wanted to play, well actually only Taylor kept going back for more.

Towards the end Alexa was so tired cause she didn't get a nap, and all she wanted was to cuddle with Auntie Becky.

Bella playing....

When we first got there Rick was just digging a huge hole, Taylor loved it and spent a lot of time making it a "tub" for us.

We ate at California Pizza Kitchen then walked around the mall. My favorite picture is of Bella posing with the dummies.

We also ate at a Brewery and had fish and chips and pasta. Alexa ate EVERYTHING, even the Calamary. We were all a little sunkissed from the beach, some more than others.