Saturday, April 28, 2012

1st tooth

Madilynn has gotten her first tooth, I took a million pictures trying to get the best view and I loved all the pictures so you're stuck with them!! It's on the bottom, she's so cute with it.

We're Official!!

Yep, we bought our first camper and I'm sooooo excited!!! I CANNOT wait to get out on the open road and make some family memories! Some of my favorite memories growing up were of my family camping in our trailer. Come on summer lets do this!

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Happiest place on Earth

We took our first family trip to Disneyland and Lexie had a great time. Madilynn did much better than I thought she would too, over all I'm super happy we went!! Here are a few of my favorite pictures!!

Getting ready to head to the park.

Madilynn was so good, she was tired most of the time but we brought a ton of toys to keep her busy!

Back at our hotel for naps and swimming!

Waiting for the parade to start......Lexie waved during the entire parade, it was so cute!

I took tons of pictures, but Rapunzel was her favorite!

Taking a choo choo ride.

Day two was California Park

Lunch with the Princess'!  I had it down for Saturday at 1 but the reservation was Friday at 1 so they squeezed us in at 230......longest day ever!!!  The girls were so beyond nap time by the time we sat down and ate, Lexie was super excited!

Lexie making her "I'm tired of waiting in lines" face!!  She did that a lot!!

We also got to meet up with my family that lives in So Cal.  Love these guys!!!

Had a great time!!