Sunday, August 30, 2009

That takes the cake!

I got to make a cake for our dinner tonight. As you can tell it's of a shirt and tie with an Elders tag for Jons homecoming. We also celebrated Christian and Aarons birthdays.

This is our cousin Becky and my sister Becky. We use to call our cousin Baby Becky whe we were younger so we're trying to call her B.B. now so it wont be confussing!

Becky and Aaron

Our Aunt Estella. Doesn't she look just like my mom!!?!

Our baby is home

First we would like to thank Aaron and Michelle for babysitting our baby for the last 3+ years, they treated her like one of their own. Second THANK YOU to Aaron, Michelle and Rick for helping Alex put the piano on the trailor and C) we'd like to thank Scott and Jon who brought it up these stairs with us!! (and yes I put C in there instead of 3 to be funnny)

We love her and are sooo happy to have her back again!

are you KIDDING me?!?!??!?

Well my little brother came home from his mission today, SO AWESOME. But (and there is a big but) I didn't get any pictures of him getting off the plane!! I took pictures of everyone waiting, posters, messing around really and then right when I saw him, my cameras battery died!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?!? So here are pictures of everyone waiting......

And here we are after the airport at lunch.....

Thursday, August 27, 2009


We had our last class for fondant and gumpaste last night, here are our final cakes. Here is mine....

Here is Becky's.......

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

House cleaning, $5.00 an hour

Yes I will send you my house cleaner with her swiffer for an unbelievably low price of $5.00 an hour. Although by the time she leaves I'll probably owe you money!


Lexie loves applesauce, she really just likes using a spoon and making a mess. It's fun to watch her eat it and it can be a lengthy, messy endeavor!

Play date

Alexa has a little buddy who we try and get together with at least once a week (although we prefer more). Ruby is 3 months older than Alexa and I just realized they will start school together and be in the same class in primary. I hope they are life long buddies!

Monday, August 17, 2009

17 Months

I can hardly believe how time has flown by, I know everyone says that, but really!! Our little lady is 17 months and we are so grateful to have her in our lives!! Some things about her.....
* She has one molar tooth and 2 coming in.
* She LOVES music, singing and dancing come naturally to her.
* She loves talking on the phone, if she hears it ringing she looks for it saying "hi".
* She knows what she wants when she wants it. I can only remember 1 real temper tantrum and it was luckily at home.
* She is taking 1 long nap in the afternoon, anywhere from 1-3 hours.
* She loves being outside exploring nature.
* Her favorite toys are cords of any kind and cooking tools, measuring cups, wooden spoons, etc.
* She copies everything her cousins do, it's funny to see her interpretation of things.
* She signs please, more, drink, and all done.
* She loves to draw/write on paper.
* She knows where her eyes are and that cows say "moooo" (that's about all she is consistent with)
* She loves cleaning, the vacuum, sweeping, anything that is "helping"

She's our everything and we LOVE her!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Yes, she uses her fork as a comb. Ariel the little mermaid knows it as a dinglehoper. That being said, I CAN'T STAND IT!! Everytime we eat she has to stick her messy hands and fork in her hair so she is dirty head to foot!! Why do I bother?? Tonight we had spinach raviolli, the last picture you can see spinach between her bottom teeth. She makes us laugh, we are so blessed to have her in our lives!!!