Sunday, October 7, 2007

The last camping for the Laufers for a long time

Our friends, the Waltons, invited us to go camping this last weekend. Man was it cold. We went to Potato patch, just 45 minutes up 32. We really had a great time and loved hanging out!!!! Enjoy the pictures!!

Here's little cashew in all her 3-D glory!! She's got her hand by her face (probably sucking her thumb)!! We had another ultrasound and the lady (who has been doing ultrasounds for 30 years) said that it is 90% a girl, but she can't gaurentee that til 17 weeks (which is only another 2 weeks). Anyway, we're excited and can't wait. We had about an hour visit and she was moving a lot!!!!! Kicking, sucking her thumb, almost doing jumping jacks. The technician said everything looked good, heart has 4 chambers, brain shows activity (through the moving of the hands) and it was the right size with no fluid in the wrong spot. Over all we were very happy witht he visit and know now why i always go to the bathroom (she kicks my bladder a lot)!! She is about 4 oz and is 7 inches long. I'm sure you with kids think this is all boring stuff, but being our first I can't help but be overwhelmed!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jonathan's gone for 2 years

My little brother left last night to serve is mission in Brazil. I can't believe he is actually gone but I am so glad he is on this new journey. It's really strange to think that just 19 years ago my mom had him. To this day my parents insist they were prompted to add him to our family and that he wasn't a mistake.......I like either story! I know he will grow and touch many lives if he depends on the spirit for direction. It will be frustrating and rewarding all at once! We love you Jon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007