Saturday, June 29, 2013

Phone Dump

Senessa's birthday was this week so I stole her and a couple friends and went to the Oroville Casino.  It was amazing to get out for a bit!

My lady got up and sang with Jonathan in the lounge area.  Wish I had a lighter!

Best picture of the bomb anyone?!?!?


We did our nails for 4th of July

The girls and OUR (alex's and mine) tablets.  They play with them more than we do!

Took the girls to the free movie and Maddie lasted for a while, with about 20 minutes left in the movie she was ready to leave.  Too bad it wasn't barney or Clifford, she would have sat through that!

Monday, June 24, 2013

phone dump

The girls woke up at 6am one morning while camping so they watched Barney and colored

This is how we roll at our house

Madilynn loves to put her hands in her pockets and then look at herself in the reflection of the van.

She loves her accessories!

Lexie you're too funny

I was picking the girls up from the gym daycare when one of the workers told me that a little girl was telling Lexie how much she loved her best friend.  In response Lexie said "Oh really??!?!  More than Jesus, the Holy Ghost and God??"

Somebody is getting a little preachy.  I'm laughing just writing it down.

Camping 2013

Our camping season has begun for 2013.  I LOVE TO CAMP!!!  What a great get away with loved ones.  We of course brought enough food for a week, something about going on a camping trip that makes you over eat and think food doesn't last as long or something cause you pack a ton of it!  Maddie loves to wear Lexie's bike helmet, makes her feel powerful!!

Taylor did a lot of whittling and of course Madilynn copied her.  There's a cute video of that.


two best buds!

We had scones for breakfast each morning.....yummy!

Madilynn Whittling

It started to rain on us our last day.  Perfect timing.  We had a great time!