Friday, June 14, 2013

Phone Dump

We were busy this week.  My sister was at girls camp so we had Taylor and Bella during the day.  We tried to keep busy so there wasn't any fighting and it seemed to work!!
Here is Lexie and swim lessons.  The reward after working hard is jumping off the diving board.  A boy ahead of her was like 8 and he was so scared!  He wouldn't do it so they asked him to move aside to let Lexie go and she did it 3 times without a worry!  She noticed the big kid was having trouble and thought it was weird that she wasn't afraid.  We had a conversation about people being different and how maybe he's not afraid of spiders and she is.  What's scary to one person may not be to another.  Great learning moment.

Kenna was a great helper while we were waiting for Lexie to be done (Kenna's mom was at girls camp too)

Park time

Pool time!

Our Cousin graduated from 8th grade with honors.  Way to go Christian!!

We had a great time this week!!

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