Sunday, January 13, 2013


We got to go to the Niners playoff game on Saturday and had so much fun!!  They won and it was a great game to watch!!  I've never high fived so many strangers in my life, the joys of being a fan!  Jon and Cassidy went the week before too and they waited in traffic for like 4 hours after the game just trying to get's an awful location and has like one road up and back so it takes forever to leave.  This time we took a bus and train to get back to our hotel and it too 30 minutes tops.  Much easier and faster!
These were our seats, at kick off every one of them was full!!
It got cold, but with all the jumping around we stayed warm!!
On the way home we stopped at California Pizza Kitchen, one of my favs!!  Jon and Cassidy had never been before!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Someone got a new bed

Yep, Lexie grew out of her toddler bed, and she finally got a big girl bed.  She is soooooo excited, and so was Madilynn.  Bed time has been so easy, no arguments about going to bed, we'll see how long that lasts!!  For some reason the pictures downloaded backwards, but you get the idea!
Lexie pretending to be asleep!
The bed completed!
Madilynn wanting so bad to get in with daddy.
The old bed gone
The handy man
The box with the bed in it!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bubble baths are a hit around here lately.  They both love them, add elmo's bath color tablets and your set for hours of fun, ok more like minutes of fun!

Lexie loves bubble beards

This was new years day, we were seriously tired. 

Madilynn and the iPad.  She totally knows how to get to what she wants on this thing without any help.  She and Lexie have their own folders with games on it and she knows what is what in each folder and where the folders are.  So crazy!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Eve

During the day Lexie kept preparing for the evenings party, she had her earrings and make up most of the day in anticipation!  Then of course Madilynn need some earrings too.  We invited our whole family over and we had a rock'n time.

These two played for hours.  I only saw them a few times.

Madilynn "dancing".....drop it like it's hot!

My wonderful hubby and I.

We had a Call of Duty tournament

Madilynn loves these two

party supplies in hand there was about 5 minutes til midnight.

And these two couldn't put their tablets down.....LOL!
Have a very happy new year and may you make the most of this year with your loved ones and goals!!


We've had lots of fun around here.......some pictures of our world!

Madilynn really wanted to wear a pair of Lexie's undies.

We went to dinner at red lobster, Lexie has been bugging us for about a year to go.  She likes looking at the lobsters and telling them she's going to eat them.....crazy girl!

Madilynn is a walking fool.  She can even get herself to a standing position in the middle of the room.  It's so awesome for her and liberating, she doesn't need anyones help now!

Playing with her Christmas present, playdoh candy maker.