Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Cheer

Rick has taken our family pictures for a few years now and he does an AMAZING job. Loved these pictures and how grown up my girls look, love them!!!

I've been crocheting lately and really enjoying it.  Here is one of the first things I've made.


I'm blaming Madilynn for my lack of picture taking since she was born, this is what I got from thanksgiving.....

 We ran a 5k.

So glad to have been with most of my family for Thanksgiving.  They are all amazing people and bring joy to my life!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


This little lady will be 18 months on the 11th, just can't believe it!!  We are in the midst of another ear infection which is very common with dwarfism.  LP's have alot of problems with their head it seems, from decompression surgery, to enlarged tonsils and ear/hearing loss problems.  We took her to an ENT and she is scheduled for Dec 3rd to get tubes in which will get rid of these dang ear infections, I hope!  He also wants to take her tonsils and adenoids out but feels like the complications after surgery are greater if we don't wait til she's 2 so we will be down there again in 6 months for that.  I often tell my friends that I don't care about the dwarfism, it's just all the complications that come from the dwarfism that drive me crazy!!  So since we've been home bound, I've taken a few pictures.....she's actually doing much better than the last time she had an ear infection, I think we started the meds early this time knowing what it most likely was!!

Helping mommy clean out the fridge.

This was while we were waiting for Lexie at speech (she had a blow out, hence the diaper only).  She spent 20 minutes gently pushing these guys on the swing.

Eating like a big girl with her fork.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

First, but not last.......

I did my first 5K today, the Gnarly Neon.  It was fun, totally unorganized from what the other runners say, but fun for me!  At 3 spots along the run they throw powdered paint at you......Here we are before the run!
And after!

Here's another before picture with all our buddies.  (pictures courtesy of M.D.)

 Lots of people there for the good times!
 After, we're all wondering what we look like!

Love these ladies, thanks for coming with me!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wet and Rainy Halloween!

It literally rained ONLY on halloween night, when we went trick or treating.  It was soooooo wet!  We dressed up as Dorothy....
 The Scarecrow.........
 The Wicked With (i had a green face and Lexie was scared, had to take it all off and start over.
 And of course Glenda the good witch (Madilynn)
 All our friends ready to head out in the rain!

 Lexie did an art project earlier that day so her hand is stained red, not red from the cold!

 We went to Burger King afterwards, we were all hungry..........

Besides the weather, it was a successful Halloween!

Daddy time

I go into the office every week to do billing so daddy has dinner duty, usually he makes stuff at home (he's very good about healthy eating) but sometimes they get to go out to Lexie's favorite .....McDonald's!!!!!!!!  Madilynn does NOT like chicken nuggets (only kid in America) so she loves her hamburger and fries.  towards the end she just started using her thumb to get the ketchup to her mouth, forget the fries!

 They loved lighting up their pumpkins.