Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Elder Eller sent some pictures home this week, he really looks happy. It's really awesome to see how he's grown, and how his testimony has grown. Hopefully it sticks when he comes home ;) He's an amazing missionary and is touching lives everyday!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Our beloved Gordon B. Hinckley 1910-2008

I have such mixed feelings about the loss of our prophet. I am sure he and his wife are rejoicing to be together and in the presence of such great leaders and prophets, but I will miss his smile, humor, spirituality and insight. He was an amazing man and we will miss him immensely!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Gestational Diabetes

I just found out that I have Gestational Diabetes......ugh!! I sure feel better when I eat the right things, but it is a bummer eating so much protein. I miss sugar, flour and carbs!!! A big bowl of pasta sounds so amazing!!! It should go away when Alexa comes, but I feel like I'm on a worse diet than Weight Watchers. That was easy compared to this. I really feel for all the diabetics in the world, its a hard thing to deal with!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Getting Alexa's room ready!

It's almost done!! I've painted the bookshelf and the changing table. All we need now is the dresser!! I can't wait for it to be done and ready!!!!



Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I've been tagged!!

Angelee tagged me and I thought it would be fun to share some info about my amazing husband!! Here goes nothing!

~What is his name? Alexander Anthony Laufer

~How long have you been together? We've been married 8 years.

~How long did you date? We started dating in April of 99, engaged by October and married april 1st 2000.

~How old his he? He is 38. I don't feel like we're that old!! (well i'm not yet)

~Who eats more? Alex.......if it's in front of him, he'll eat it. his mom taught him that. he is getting better though!

~Who said I love you first? Alex. he actually asked me if i loved him and i said why, do you love me??!?

~Who is taller? Alex, the perfect amount taller!!

~Who can sing better? Me, but i still love to hear him sing!

~Who is smarter? Depends. Alex has way more book smarts, but i have more street smarts. we're the perfect combination!

~Who does the laundry? Mostly him, but we both do it really.

~Who pays the bills? Alex, i'm bad with money, i think it grows on trees.

~Who sleeps in the right side? alex does.

Who mows the lawn? Lamb and carlson, apartment still!

~Who cooks dinner? Me, although he watches enough food network (alton brown) that he should be cooking every night!

~Who drives? alex, although it drives me crazy most of the time.

~Who is more stubborn? me!!!

~Who kissed who first? alex, he kissed my ear, i didn't do or say anything and he was like (you know i just kissed you right?!?!

~Who asked who out first? oh my gosh, i gave him so many hints.....he was oblivious. finally we just started "hanging out" and it turned into dating.

~Who proposed? alex!

~Who has more friends? I do. isn't that what girls do??!? we do have several married friends that are mutual.

~Who is more sensitive? alex, and i love that about him, i'm heartless and i need that balance!

~Who has more siblings? i have 6 siblings so i'm the winner.

~Who wears the pants? Depends. most of the time he lets me think i do, but if it's really important to him, he lays down the law.....thats when i know its serious ;)

I love my husband, he is amazing!! Thanks Angelee for tagging me, now I tag Becky, Mia, Colleen, Holly, Amber and Kimi.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Local Bum!!!!

Alex was asked by our YM/YW group to participate in their Wednesday activity. It was like the greatest race, but the real test was to see how many people they could help along the way. Alex was the local "bum" and he was watching to see if the youth would be nice to him. He ended up collecting $8 (of course he gave it back to them). At the end of the night everyone gathered together and they revealed the true message of the night and introduced all their helpers. No one could believe it was Alex. He's a great actor!