Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I've been tagged!!

Angelee tagged me and I thought it would be fun to share some info about my amazing husband!! Here goes nothing!

~What is his name? Alexander Anthony Laufer

~How long have you been together? We've been married 8 years.

~How long did you date? We started dating in April of 99, engaged by October and married april 1st 2000.

~How old his he? He is 38. I don't feel like we're that old!! (well i'm not yet)

~Who eats more? Alex.......if it's in front of him, he'll eat it. his mom taught him that. he is getting better though!

~Who said I love you first? Alex. he actually asked me if i loved him and i said why, do you love me??!?

~Who is taller? Alex, the perfect amount taller!!

~Who can sing better? Me, but i still love to hear him sing!

~Who is smarter? Depends. Alex has way more book smarts, but i have more street smarts. we're the perfect combination!

~Who does the laundry? Mostly him, but we both do it really.

~Who pays the bills? Alex, i'm bad with money, i think it grows on trees.

~Who sleeps in the right side? alex does.

Who mows the lawn? Lamb and carlson, apartment still!

~Who cooks dinner? Me, although he watches enough food network (alton brown) that he should be cooking every night!

~Who drives? alex, although it drives me crazy most of the time.

~Who is more stubborn? me!!!

~Who kissed who first? alex, he kissed my ear, i didn't do or say anything and he was like (you know i just kissed you right?!?!

~Who asked who out first? oh my gosh, i gave him so many hints.....he was oblivious. finally we just started "hanging out" and it turned into dating.

~Who proposed? alex!

~Who has more friends? I do. isn't that what girls do??!? we do have several married friends that are mutual.

~Who is more sensitive? alex, and i love that about him, i'm heartless and i need that balance!

~Who has more siblings? i have 6 siblings so i'm the winner.

~Who wears the pants? Depends. most of the time he lets me think i do, but if it's really important to him, he lays down the law.....thats when i know its serious ;)

I love my husband, he is amazing!! Thanks Angelee for tagging me, now I tag Becky, Mia, Colleen, Holly, Amber and Kimi.

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