Sunday, February 8, 2015


It's been a busy 2015.  My diet started and stopped SEVERAL times, but besides that it has been great!
We went to Joseph and the amazing Techno color dream coat.  It was amazing, I've seen it several times, but they made slight changes and it was really "fresh".  I did not care for Joseph but everyone else was sensational!!  Great show!!

We've been to the park a lot.  We had great weather in January (not so much in February.  As I'm writing this it is very stormy outside!!)

And had an FHE at the roller rink, Lexie was in heaven!!!!!!!!!!

More of December

Went to another broadway show.  This time it was Dirty dancing and it was TERRIBLE!!  Hated every minute of it , right up until the set stopped working.  we waited for an hour and then they cancelled the whole thing, fine by me!!  We got 2 extra tickets, one to  "Joseph and the Amazing Techno colored dreamcoat" and one for "Cinderella".  Lexie will join us for those.

We traveled to Oregon for New Years.  Didn't want to spend time at my moms house on the first anniversary of my dad's passing.  It was nice to get together and almost everyone was able to come.


Christmas 2014

This was the first Christmas without my dad......bitter sweet!  We miss him so much, but these wonderful, loving people made the season bright.  We were very relaxed, food and more food!

My lovelies!!  How sweet and pretty are they, they are the best!!

On Christmas day we always watch a movie with everyone, this year it was just us and that was ok!

December 2014

Lexie loves doing Maddie's make up.  She wanted to be a cat today, so Lexie obliged.

We made homemade chicken noodle soup.

We made sugar cookies

Lexie loves ice skating.  She can keep going long after I'm OVER it!!!


Daddy is the sweetest, the girls did a make over on him.

LPA Christmas party


Family Pictures

My family was all together for Thanksgiving so we decided to get some family pictures.  It was nice.