Sunday, February 8, 2015

August 2014

Becky and I went to Cheryl Crow (I think, or Maroon 5)
Love getting out with this lovely lady!!

We swam, a lot!!  My girls are fish!!!

We had our 2nd annual outdoor movie night with the Tiffany's

School started!!!  Lexie started the 1st grade with Mrs. Dressler, they are the "Happy Campers"
Since we're at a charter school there is only 1 first grade class.  Theses kids will be together until the finish 8th grade (adding some kids at 4th grade and middle school).  There are 5 boys I think, 15 girls.  Middle school should be interesting!
Miss Madilynn (my poser) started preschool.  She has adjusted well and is loving it.  She has made several friends and loves her teachers.

Wonderful month!


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