Sunday, February 8, 2015

September 2014

We went to "Time Out for Women" as we have for the last few years.  Had a great time.  It's always spiritually uplifting.  Taylor and her friend came for Time out for Girls.

Alexa wanted to do cross country so much because her best friend did it.  I was all for it since running is great exercise and she could be really good at it.  The first 2 practices were ok, then we had our first meet.  Her friend decided he no longer wanted to do cross country and Lexie was over it too.  BUT, since we'd paid the money and she had committed to it this mommy said "sorry, you're not quitting!"
She was NOT happy but it was a great lesson on not following other people and doing things because you want to not cause someone else tells you to.  We will be going back to soccer......


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