Saturday, September 28, 2013

Soccer 2013, Go Rhino's!

This has been our first year of soccer.  It has been fun and I was lucky enough to be the Assistant Coach (although I didn't really do much).  My girl isn't too aggressive but doesn't pick flowers or spin in circles either.  Being her first year I think she's done very well. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mud Blast 2013

We did a 5k with obstacles and it was a blast, up until the point where we were attacked by a swarm of MAD wasps!  The wave before us must have woken them up because by the time Becky and I were there they were pissed, the first one got me in the ear and then I looked up and saw hundreds of them.  The got me about 10 times, mostly the hair, neck and arms.  Several had lodged themselves into my French braid and as I was screaming while people were helping pull them out of my hair and neck.  I lost my most favorite hairband too.........I can still feel them crawling on me!  We had joined a team with some people from our gym and they lady in charge made capes for everyone.  I didn't wear mine for the race because I didn't want any extra weight.  It was fun. 


Phone Dump


Jared and his family came for a visit from Oregon, it was great to see them and the first time we've gotten together since Mom and Dad left.

Maddie doing speech.  Toys everywhere, but it's working.

It's been great having one on one time with Madilynn since Alexa has started school.  We are loving it!