Monday, July 29, 2013

Phone Dump

The Laufer Ranch is up and running again.  My dad dropped off his chickens before leaving for the LA area.  We have 16 total.  1 Mister and 15 ladies.  We have 4 who are old enough to lay eggs and they give us about 4 a day, the other "teenagers" should start laying in the next few weeks.  We're gonna have egss coming out our ears, lol!

Before the chickens came we had to finish their coop.  Madilynn was a huge (NOT) help painting it.

We went to dinner and played cards before they left, had a ton of fun!

Dropped my ipod, so sad.  At least it still works!


Suzannes birthday dinner!

Yep, her sister bit her. 

I asked Madilynn to say cheese and she through the pose in for free.

Love these two!

Six Flags with the family

Long Summer Days

Pioneer Days.  Lexie's Primary teacher made all the girls in her class these cute pioneer outfits.  Thanks you Sister Gridley!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Little Ladies

We got chickens.  My parents are in LA for a while so we got their chickens for a few months.  We use to use hay for their nests, but my dad uses shredded paper so he brought some with him, it makes a MESS!!  Think we're going to get the hay anyway.  This coop was brand new, it took them 20 minutes to destroy it, chicken crap everywhere!!!  But the girls love them.  Madilynn keeps calling them to her like dogs, it's funny!!!

6 flags

Most of my family went to 6 flags and it was fun.  Poor Madilynn was too short for lots of rides, but she got to ride some.  It was exciting.  She would have stayed right here with the Dolphins all day.   She kept yelling FISHIE!!!!

Then we went to the dolphin show, she watched everything!

Got a little wet on the water rides.

Rode the train

Auntie Courtney went on the submarine with her

and helicopter

They had the most beautiful animals.  we missed the elephant show, that would have been fun.

Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July 2013

We had a great 4th of July weekend.  We went to Oregon to visit Jared and his family!!  On the 4th we went to the Enchanted Forest.  It's a small amassments park.  The weather was amazing and we had a great time.

Then we had fireworks.  Jared buys a bunch and everyone sits on the street watching.  It started to get REALLY cold.  I packed for Cali weather and was feeling a little chilly!

We did a bunch of other things this weekend and they are on the earlier post.  Thanks for your hospitality Jared and Angie!