Saturday, May 28, 2011

Madilynn at home

So this has been Madilynn since we've been home. Mostly crying with little mini naps here and there. She's a fireball!

I know you're not suppose to put babies on their tummies to sleep, but she was having tummy time and fell asleep. i was with her and it lasted 10 minutes!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Alex's Birthday

Aaron and Michelle came over on the 16th to see Madilynn and wished Alex a happy birthday which is the following day........good thing they did or I would have totally forgotten!!!!!! It's not that I forgot it was the 17th, I just didn't even know what the date was! Lexie and I made him cookies and he used the special red plate for all our meals. Sorry it wasn't amazing honey, next year will be better!! I love you!


So little Madie is almost 2 weeks old. She was a GREAT baby at the beginning.... I think because I was taking Vicodin and it just made her sleep all day. Now I'm not taking it and the girl has become a normal baby. We still are totally in love with her, she is just a lot more work :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our little addition!!

This was Lexie the day we left her with Becky heading to our C-section. That was her last day as an only child.

Waiting to enter the operating room.

And here is our little bundle of joy!! Madilynn Grace Laufer entered the world at 2:22p on Wednesday 5/11/11.

The next morning, after being really sick all night. I finally got some food.

Visits from friends and loved ones.

She got Jaundice really bad and she had to be under the blue lights (her own tanning bed) for 2 days.
She had to wear blindfolds, these ones she kept pulling off so they gave her another pair.

Our new friends came to visit. It was awesome to meet them.

Madilynn is an amazing baby. She sleeps well, eats well, and hardly ever crys. She is just an all around good baby. We love her so much and Lexie is a great big sister, she has helped so much and always wants to hold her baby. For now, it's very cute. I hope she stays this helpful!