Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sacrament Train Museum

I had another appointment today in Sac and the whole family went. Last minute (2 hours beore they closed) we decided to go to the Train Museum. I wish we would have gone on a saturday because you can actually ride a train, but we were there. This was our last visit before the c-section and Lexie LOVES trains so we figured why not. I wish we would have planned because we would have brought our good camera......we only had our cell phones for pictures.


Joyous Crew said...

So awesome!!Sophia was looking with me and especially liked Lexi's hair (her hair is exactly like that today haha)that train plce looks funnnn. As for the set C- section, we are glad to hear it is in order.We are thinking of you always and hope Alex has us(me) in his phone...in other words let's hope he is a little more organized than what my hubby was when Z came..haha
Luv u

Greene Family said...

Love that Lexie loves trains! My boys are all about trains and would love that museum. It looks like a fun last minute trip!