Monday, May 23, 2011

Alex's Birthday

Aaron and Michelle came over on the 16th to see Madilynn and wished Alex a happy birthday which is the following day........good thing they did or I would have totally forgotten!!!!!! It's not that I forgot it was the 17th, I just didn't even know what the date was! Lexie and I made him cookies and he used the special red plate for all our meals. Sorry it wasn't amazing honey, next year will be better!! I love you!


Hollye said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!! I think the simplest birthdays are usually THE BEST!! Luve you all

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Alex. I am in love with the pictures of the girls. You have sucha beautiful family. I hope to meet you one day!

Greene Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Alex! I still have trouble remembering what day it is at times, and my youngest is 21 months old. :)