Saturday, March 22, 2014

Alexa's 6th birthday part

Lexie LOVES penguins so we had a penguin party!!  It was super fun and I'm so thankful for my family and all the help they were!

Then we went to my sisters for our monthly family dinner. 

Happy Birthday Alexa

My baby girl is 6.  Wow the time flies!  Alexa is a sweet, thoughtful, artistic friend, sister and daughter.  She has no enemies and tries very hard to make everyone around her happy.  She is a joy in our lives and we have enjoyed this journey together!  Happy birthday my love!
Here favorite restaurant is Red Lobster, I hate that place.  She has picked it the last to birthdays.  I'm hoping she grows out of it!
We took Lexie taco bell for lunch at school, she was surprised!
Here are some other random pictures of the last few weeks.

Made a craft hat

Washed mommies car

Danced to the music while Lexie was in dance class.
Visited Auntie Courtney and Uncle Scott 

Wrestled with dad

Rode our bikes

Played outside

And rubbed shampoo all over our body, twice!