Sunday, January 13, 2013


We got to go to the Niners playoff game on Saturday and had so much fun!!  They won and it was a great game to watch!!  I've never high fived so many strangers in my life, the joys of being a fan!  Jon and Cassidy went the week before too and they waited in traffic for like 4 hours after the game just trying to get's an awful location and has like one road up and back so it takes forever to leave.  This time we took a bus and train to get back to our hotel and it too 30 minutes tops.  Much easier and faster!
These were our seats, at kick off every one of them was full!!
It got cold, but with all the jumping around we stayed warm!!
On the way home we stopped at California Pizza Kitchen, one of my favs!!  Jon and Cassidy had never been before!

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Aaron and Michelle said...

How Fun! Jon looks so intelligent! :)