Friday, June 14, 2013

REALLY!!! In this day and age!

I heard had some awful items for sale which were hurtful to another human being (little people).  I investigated myself......  This morning I typed in "midget" (I even hate typing that word) and it brought up pages of degrading items for sale.  So I sent them a strongly worded is the email I sent them this am.   "I am shocked.  How is it that in 2013 you have items for sale that are degrading to little people.  "midget tossing"?  awful!!  I don't see anything promoting slavery!  Or using a handicapped person for your personal humor.  No other items are so hurtful and rude to another individual.  As a mother of a little person I would have hoped this kind of product would never had made it to your shelves out of common decency.  I will be sharing this with everyone I know and I assure you they will not shop at your store ever!!!  I mean who buys these? certainly no one you'd want to take to family dinner!  I am very disappointed!"  I am happy to say they removed them all!!!  every last page.  I can't believe it takes hundreds of emails to have this kind of stuff off the shelves.  welcome to 2013 cafepress!!!!

Here is the original blog post that lead me to research this.

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Michelle Martinka said...

Raw post. Together we CAN and ARE bringing change. Though you cannot search midget, there are still a lot of items on CP that are offending. Amazon, eBay... it goes on.
We are changing things- let's get everyone into 2013!!!!