Monday, August 17, 2009

17 Months

I can hardly believe how time has flown by, I know everyone says that, but really!! Our little lady is 17 months and we are so grateful to have her in our lives!! Some things about her.....
* She has one molar tooth and 2 coming in.
* She LOVES music, singing and dancing come naturally to her.
* She loves talking on the phone, if she hears it ringing she looks for it saying "hi".
* She knows what she wants when she wants it. I can only remember 1 real temper tantrum and it was luckily at home.
* She is taking 1 long nap in the afternoon, anywhere from 1-3 hours.
* She loves being outside exploring nature.
* Her favorite toys are cords of any kind and cooking tools, measuring cups, wooden spoons, etc.
* She copies everything her cousins do, it's funny to see her interpretation of things.
* She signs please, more, drink, and all done.
* She loves to draw/write on paper.
* She knows where her eyes are and that cows say "moooo" (that's about all she is consistent with)
* She loves cleaning, the vacuum, sweeping, anything that is "helping"

She's our everything and we LOVE her!


Angelee said...

so sweet. I know, it goes way too fast.

Aaron and Michelle said...

She is such a sweetie! We just love her so much. 1 more month 'til nursery!

Corina said...

She is looking so toddlerish and not very babyish anymore, if that makes sense. Very cute, and I love her eyes! It is amazing how fast the months pass by.

Jen said...

Seriously 17 months! What a pretty little girl!

Becky Nelson said...

wow, her hair is getting so long. It has been only one week since I saw her and she is growing up too fast. Start working on another one would you. Love you.

Joyous Crew said...


Tammy said...

So cute. I'm so glad you document those things...I need to do that more for my kids. I'm so lame.