Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our baby is home

First we would like to thank Aaron and Michelle for babysitting our baby for the last 3+ years, they treated her like one of their own. Second THANK YOU to Aaron, Michelle and Rick for helping Alex put the piano on the trailor and C) we'd like to thank Scott and Jon who brought it up these stairs with us!! (and yes I put C in there instead of 3 to be funnny)

We love her and are sooo happy to have her back again!


Aaron and Michelle said...

Were you able to get it upstairs? Was it super hard to do? Thanks for letting us have it for so long!

Dr. Pinkwater said...

Wow, you're getting good at cake decorating. Looks like a hidden talent that has been discovered. My Mom said the musical number at church on Sunday was wonderful. I bet it's nice to have all the siblings together again.