Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lil' Cashew

Lil' Cashew is finally on the way. It's amazing how God works. Now is when he wanted us to have a family, and I'm fine with that. I'm just excited it is happening. We're 13 weeks and having less morning sickness which is fabulous. I can't wait til its all gone!!!

We went to 2 specialist, one at Stanford and one in Redding. In between the 2 places I stopped taking all medication for blood work and that's when it happened.....who'd of thunk. All natural!!

We are so excited and we'll keep you all posted often!! We are grateful to God for our many blessings!


Welcome! said...

Congrats you two!! :) I saw your blog and thought I would post (hope it's okay) :) I hope you are feeling okay, you look terrific!! Maybe we'll see you tomorrow morning at the soccer game?

Welcome! said...

okay- so my name says 'welcome', this is actually mia. :) I didn't like having our name right there on our blog, but I didn't know it posted it like that...hmmmmm. i'll have to fix that. sorry :) check out our blog