Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So on Sunday 3/2 Alex's mom called to tell us she fell, we went up there and found her weezing, with back pain and very weak. We decided to take her to the hospital afraid she had pneumonia. We spent all day in the ER and they said she had a large growth in her neck and that her back hurt due to a compressed fracture in her spine. They admitted her and she was there for a week. With no answers to any of the testing they released her the following Saturday night (a week) and she came to stay with us. Everything was good. Alex gets up with her in the morning(around 6am), feeds her and then I get up around 8:30 and spend the day with her. Well today she had almost fallen out of her wheelchair, out of it mentally, and sweating. I tried talking to her and she didn't know who i was or really where she was. It FREAKED me out. I called Alex thinking she was having another stroke and then called 911. When they got here they checked her sugar and it was at 35.........WAY TOO LOW. She was in diabetic shock. anyway they took her to the hospital and they are admitting her again. Poor girl!! Once they got sugar in her, she started coming around and is doing much better, but now her white blood cells are too high. They're keeping her for observation, hopefully only over night.

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Joyous Crew said...

Wow,you guys have a full plate! I never knew you guys were going through all this. We hope she gets better very soon, and make sure to give her a hug from all of us. Hang in there. Hugs