Sunday, May 18, 2008

Life is Great

So I was laying in bed last night thinking about how different things have become since Alexa was first born. How she has changed as a baby. She's happy now (I'm sure cause she was uncomfortable and gassy at the beginning). Anyway I was remembering how I would pray every night for her to sleep better and not cry all the time, and how I felt Heavenly Father wasn't listening to me. Now that I look back, it was me who wasn't' listening. He was helping me through my friends. I had 2 friends come and take Alexa so I could rest, a few friends tell me about the "5 S's", and several others tell me about the chocolate and milk thing. The funny thing is as soon as I used all that advice things started getting better, Alexa started getting better. It's like the story of the man on a house who is trapped by a flood. He prays for God to save him, to get him off the house. 3 times someone in a boat came by and offered assistance and 3 times he said "no thanks, God will save me". Well he died and when he saw God he asked why he didn't save him and God said..."I sent you 3 boats". God was helping me in my time of need, through my friends, I'm glad I figured that out sooner than later!! Thanks to everyone who has been there for me!!!

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Nance said...

What a great lesson to recognize!! It's is awesome to have close friends who can help!! I samples some Sees candies with my mom when JT was 6 weeks old and the poor baby didn't sleep for 3 days! Once I realized it was something I ate I felt so bad!