Friday, June 6, 2008

Cradle Cap (or as we call it cradle crap)

So Lexie has had a really BAD case of cradle cap and I bought this stuff that is suppose to get rid of it. You rub it into her scalp then comb it out....we'll I've done it for about 3 weeks and it isn't working. So then I had a friend who said to use dandruff shampoo.......IT'S GONE! I used one shampoo treatment and it's totally gone. I don't know who invented the other stuff but all it did was make her hair thanks!


Joyous Crew said...

How cute is she!? Acting all big in her swing and smile! Luv you

Nance said...

Dang it! I wish I had known that when my boys had cradle crap (Love that new name for it too!) Our Dr. told us to use Baby Oil- so we woudl do it before they took a bath and then have to wash their hair like 3 times to get it all out- it sucked!

Tammy said...

I was told to use olive oil w/ Kailey and it worked great with one or 2 applications, but w/ Taden it didn't work so well so I tried dandruff shampoo and he looked sooo horrible afterward that I felt sad scraping is scalp I warned Kiera & Holly never to try it...but after adding a little olive oil it was fine and I have since continued to use the dandruff shampoo and it has kept it clear. :)