Sunday, June 14, 2009

15 months

Our darling is growing up FAST!! On the 18th of this month she will be 15 months old. Some things about her....

* She LOVES music. She sings all the time. She loves hymns in church and will full on sing with us at the right time. She loves dancing, humming, anything that has to do with music is her favorite. She also drums all the time. Give her 2 items in her hand and she will find a way to drum.

* She has 4 upper teeth and 2 lower.

* She is walking. She pretty much only walks now, although it is still a little shaky. Every night she does laps around the couch. She just walks and walks in a circle.

* She understands what we're saying. She knows give daddy kisses night-night, want to take a bath, want to help mommy do the dishes, blow kisses, can I have a kiss, are you hungry? She also signs "more". We starting to teach her "please, thank you and all done"

* She sleeps through the night without any problems, lay her down and walk out. She'll sleep from 8p to 9 or 10a. She is a great sleeper.

* She is slowing down on her eating, she still eats very well, but not as much. So far she doesn't like bananas and potatoes (unless it's french fries or tater tots).

* She is a climber, and she's good at it. She just has a littlbe problem getting down, but she's working on it.

She is our joy, we love her dearly and can't wait to see her grow into an amazing young woman.


Senessa said...

Oh I love her...We miss her a lot!!!

Becky Nelson said...

She is so dang cute, who wouldn't love having her around. I do love the p.j's Taylor and her could have been twins last nigh. Love you guys.

Becky said...

She is so beautiful! It does go so fast! Sometimes I just want it to stop so I can enjoy it a little while longer.

Nance said...

She is really very cute, I lover her eyes!! She always looks so happy!! I can't believe the time has gone by so fast!!

Aaron and Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing! She is a cutie!