Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy 20 Month Bday!!

It's almost been 2 years, UNBELIEVABLE!!! How amazing it is to watch your child grow and learn everyday. I am so proud of who she is becoming and hope and pray for her daily.

She has started talking, although it's not alot. She says go, eat, bye, hi, drink. Most of her speech is grunting, she's my little monkey.

She has 12 teeth, I think all the primary teeth are in for now. She will get another molar around 25 months....love teething. She loves brushing her own teeth and Elmos teeth and will "allow" me to brush hers.

She's an EATER. There is hardly ever anything she wont eat, although she is slowing down on how much she eats.

She loves music, shoes, Elmo and Backyardigans. She has also really enjoyed nursery, although for about 2 weeks she was unwilling to go in there without a cry fest.

She knows what a dog, cat, cow, chicken and pig says, she loves any book with these animals in it.....really she loves any book!

She knows all the hand movements to monkeys jumping on a bed, itsey bitsey spider and if your happy and you know it.....the girl really loves music! We started playing ring around the rosies and she hasn't caught on to that fully yet.

Oh how I love our little girl, she is my life!!!!

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Holly Walton said...

I can't believe how fast they grow up!! It really makes me sad. But it is fun to see them go through all their milestones!