Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not for the sensitive!

Because I turn my blogs into books (a journal if you will) I have to put in this story. I will warn you it is about #2 (pooping).

Yesterday Lexie was taking her nightly bath and about 5 minutes in I saw bubbles....she was tooting. I asked her if she had to go poo-poo and she said no. 5 minutes later there were more bubbles so I pulled her out and sat her on the toilet. After a few more toots she went back into the tub. After a while I looked up from my book and saw her making "the face"...she was grunting so I picked her up and put her back on the toilet....this time she was really pushing hard. To make a long story short she had her first poop in the was so cute and she was so proud of herself....daddy even came in to clap for her. I know it is NOT the start of potty training, but her first time on the big throne is something we'll tease her about when she's a teenager!!!


Carley, John, Cohen, kennedy said...

Better than my recent #2 story, Cohen and Kennedy were taking a bath together, I was making sure I had towels for both of them when I turn around Cohen is standing at one end of the bath yelling "eww" and Kennedy was just staring down at the present she just made... nice huh?

Angelee said...

I'm just glad you caught "the face" in time. A clean experience can turn nasty real fast. Cleaning up poo from the tub is no fun!!!