Sunday, August 1, 2010


We went up to Lassen this year for our family camp out. Lots of family members were missing, but we still had a great time!!! Lexie had 1 nap the whole time, she was very tired in the evening, but did sleep very well at night! Her favorite spot was cuddling with grandma!

Lexie started out clean each morning, but that didn't last long!!! She had a great time playing with her BEST FRIEND Bella!!

This is the one, the picture I'm going to blow up for his funeral!!

Lexie spent the majority of her time playing in the dirt, mixing, stirring, cooking!

The rest of the time was spent swinging on the hammocks.

We were at Manzanita Lake, more of a pond really. It was pretty and small!

Lexie REALLY wanted to get in, she was mad when I told her we were just walking around!

We saw a family of ducks, that was the highlight of the hike!

She actually fell asleep on the bumpy trail!

We had a great time, camping is so fun and full of memory making moments!!!


Tenille Gates said...

Im so glad y'all had fun camping with the fam! I love how dirty Lexi got..atta girl ;0)

Joyous Crew said...

Great pictures of the family!! Sorry to not be a part of it...guess it just isn't our season to sleep on an air mattress...LOL or sleep at all for that Camping is always such great fun though...looks like Alexa was loving it too ;0)
Love you guys!