Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Surgery

Unfortunately kids with Achondroplasia can have MANY surgeries for many different reasons. Madilynn had her first this last week. In September we went in for a routine MRI and sleep study (read about it here and here and here)At that point we knew her spinal cord was being compressed but she wasn't showing any signs so they sent us home. Over the next month or so she started showing some signs, gagging, up in the middle of the night and wanting to sleep all day and not eating a whole lot. We went in for another MRI to check the spinal cord and see if it's getting any better. The 2nd MRI showed it was getting worse and our 4th sleep study showed she had sleep apnea so they scheduled her surgery for the following Tuesday. We went up Monday night and had some blood work done and rested in the Family house. Alex was there with us and we were ready for tomorrow to happen. Her surgery was scheduled at 1 so she had to stop eating at 9a and we got to the pre-op at 11. They came in and told us the surgery before us was taking longer so to feed her and the new time was 3. By 330 she hungry and pissed. At about 345p we walked her to these doors and then handed her over to the nurse, the doors shut behind them and the waiting began. The nursed called us every hour to let us know things were going well. It felt like days in between calls and about 10 they called and said it was all over. She was great and being taken to post op. It was a huge relief to see her and know the worst was over! She was fussy for the first 12 hours and then just like that (insert snapping of fingers) she was back to herself. We were released on Thursday afternoon. She had Tylenol but they stopped giving it to her Wednesday and she didn't even care. It's amazing how kids bounce right back. Since the surgery she is eating better, sleeping better and acting happier. She still gags alot but that's a baby thing!!  The BEST thing from her time in the hospital is that she no longer sleeps in my bed.  They don't allow co-sleeping int he hospital so she learned quick how to fall asleep in a crib, honestly I'm relieved!!  I was planning on doing it when we got home anyway, we just did it there instead!  Here are a few pictures of our experience!   Her she is in pre op.
This is right after the surgery before she woke up.
This was the day after the surgery (she loved all those cords)
This is Thursday after a bath and with all IV's and cords removed, happy girl!
That's her incision.

She had to have a "Halo" to make sure she didn't move during the surgery and so she has a few cuts where they screwed it into the skull.
We're so happy she's home and feel very loved and blessed. The outpouring of prayers and love from our friends and family was overwhelming. Thank you everyone who prayed for our little girl!!


Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness you are so strong! My oldest had surgery at 5 weeks old, the actual surgery taking only 15 minutes, and I thought that was rough!! You are truly an inspiration!!

Kristie said...

I am so happy the surgery and her recovery went so well. Jalinn's surgery was 8 hours long and within 24 hours we noticed a difference. It is a scary surgery for our kiddo's but much needed. Hugs to you all!!

Emily said...

I'm so glad everything went smoothly. I can't imagine how hard it was to wait all those hours to finally see your sweet girl again. She looks absolutely amazing, what a blessing she is!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Thank goodness she is ok and doing well! We were praying over here! She is an angel! Xoxo

Alex said...

SO glad she did that well!!!!