Friday, January 6, 2012

Little people everywhere!!

Ever since we found out Madilynn had dwarfism we have tried really hard to get Lexie involved in the LP world (from TV shows to Little People of America regionals) so it wouldn't be so different to grow up with a sister who is not average height!  Well I can say she feels quite comfortable with that community and isn't shy at all.  While at the store the other day I had both girls and we walked past a man who had dwarfism (not achondroplasia like Madilynn, but some kind of dwarfism).  As we past him I smiled and kept on walking, but as soon as Lexie saw him she got SUPER excited and said screamed "Hey mom......(pointing the whole time)....there's a little person!  HI LITTLE PERSON!!  LITTLE PERSON....HI!!!"  I was so embarrassed and proud all at the same time.  He never even looked up at us, just kept on his merry way (hope he could see her excitement).