Monday, December 3, 2012


Madilynn got tubes in her ears today.  She did really great and it was a really quick procedure.  I love Children's Oakland and have had nothing but good experiences with everyone there!  Becky went with me this time since Alex had to work.....and thank you to everyone who watched Lexie while we were gone!!!  Here we are waiting to go back to pre-op at glad we were the first surgery of our ENT for the day. 

In pre op

She did so great, it was like a 15 minute thing, glad its over!  Our next visit will be in 6 months for tonsil and adenoid removal.....good time!


Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Go Maddy so happy everything went well!!!!

Tiffany said...

She's as darling as ever! And you are one strong mama! It's not easy watching your sweet baby go through something like that!

Vanessa said...

I still remember when E got his tubes put in- the worst was when they put him under because I had to hold him down and his just had this terrified look on his face like "what's happening to me?!?!" But, like you said, it was super quick and he got so many less ear infections after that, and his speech got much better. I'm so glad it was an easy quick procedure for you, and I'm sure she'll feel much better now.