Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weekly haps!

This last week we went to see Bella (my niece)  in a school "play"....

That's bella smiling but it's a little blurry.

We had a play date and this is my superhero Ross aka Spider man!

Played some skipbo late one night

Saw some strawberries

Started a butterfly garden.  Alexa's great aunt bought her this for her birthday or Christmas, cant remember, but we ordered our caterpillars and they will soon turn into butterflies.

We got a new play structure from a friend and Madilynn LOVED it!

I painted an old hutch for the kitchen

We worked in our garden
Took this and turned it into....

had left over paint and turned this green candle stand into this....

loved on my little ones!!!
Hope your week was as amazing as mine. 

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