Friday, November 1, 2013

Phone Dump

We did a lot this week.  Lexie's class when to a play.  I told her that morning that Bella's class would be there too.  She wanted to sit by her so badly and I said "we'll be lucky if we see her with all the schools from the area going to the play" and she screamed back at me "THEN WHY'D YOU EVEN TELL ME SHE WOULD BE THERE??!?".  I laughed a bit inside as I was telling her to calm down.  As we found our seats who was sitting there in the row right in front of us but Bella.  Lexie was so happy!

I got to go to lunch with these cuties!

Lexie yelled at me to come outside and see her exercise bike, when I got there these two were laughing so hard.

My morning partner in crime.

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