Wednesday, February 18, 2009

11 months

Oh how time is FLYING by!! She's been with us for 11 months, what has happened to my concept of time? Like usual, we are so blessed to have her!! She has such a personality already, stubborn, funny and loving! To date she....

- has 2 bottom and 1 top tooth, although the other top one is knocking!
- copies everything we do from holding the remote to her ear like a phone to waving.
- she gives kisses when you ask for them (most of the time)
- she is standing up everywhere. the most recent is in the tub so she's been taking showers with mommy....for some reason she doesn't stand up in the shower.
- her favorite foods are broccoli and asparagus....she eats a lot of things but LOVES broccoli and asparagus.

She is our everthing and we LOVE her!!!!

1 comment:

Holly Walton said...

That's way awesome that she loves her Veggies..