Saturday, May 22, 2010

1st movie

I had the brilliant idea to take Lexie to a movie today. Shrek 3 was on and I thought she would love it!! Things started out great.

Here we are getting ready to leave.

In front of the movie theatre.

I asked her to hold her ticket up so Mommy could see it, that's when I knew she was in a mood!

After this picture the movie started and she was ready to go home. It was 2 hours of crying, talking, getting up......uggghhh!! Oh well, you live you learn! Movies on DVD only for another year.


Mama Mia said...

maybe she just isn't that into shrek. keep trying :) last year maile loved ice age 3, and surprisingly sat through the whole thing. i would try to take her to toy story 3 that's coming out this summer. and pack lots of snacks in your bag. the first movie we took maile to was kung fu panda, i think, and she was just tiny. i packed chicken nuggets, fruit snacks, everything so she would just sit through it!
good luck! at least she got to see what they are all about!

Holly Walton said...

The 3rd picture she looks like Minnie Mouse!! :)

Becky said...

We are going to try going to "Toy Story 3." We will see how it goes.