Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We got Lexie a sandbox and it has made the biggest mess! She really does love to play with it and we put it on the patio so she could play with it whenever she wants. It was suppose to have water on one side and sand on the other, but the sand has taken everything over!!! It's like the beach, you can't take a step without getting sand on your feet!!


Jaime said...

Haha! Sand is definitely messy but my girls love it! So much fun!

Hollye said...

Working hard, Lexi, Awesome job!!! I love it!!! She is so cute!!

Greene Family said...

:) It looks like she is having a great time with the sandbox! Simon and Jude love the sandbox too, but ours is out in the yard to try to prevent too much of the sand coming in the house (if ours was on the deck, they would find ways to carry buckets full back in the house).