Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dear diary

Since I turn my blog into books I wanted to write a few things down that have happened lately.  Lexie is in ballet, she loves it.  She really is pretty natural at it too.  It makes me excited to see her on "so you think you can dance" in 15 years or so.  She also really loves art.  My girl just needs to start singing and we're set.  I look at her now and know she is going to be a strong leader, and I can't wait to watch her grow into a young woman.  She is a social butterfly and is always wanting to have play dates, most of her friends are already in school, so we bug the few friends we have her age to play all the time! 

Madilynn is doing good.  She rolled over yesterday for the first time, and she hasn't done it since.  She doesn't like being there once she rolls over and doesn't roll back.  She is smiling and cooing a lot and everything she has in her hands goes to her mouth.  She is kinda over her binkie except when she sleeps and is still in bed with us.  Can't wait to have her in her own bed.  This way is good for now and everyone is sleeping well.  She doesn't love nursing anymore and will mostly only nurse when she is going to sleep.  We've just been adding a bottle here and there to make sure she gets enough to eat.  We love our little girls and are happy to be their parents!

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Kim said...

God is watching over your family. You have two amazing little girls who also are super beautiful as well. I hope that Madilynn continues to be in great health. The fact she rolled over to me as an achon parent is a good sign. I'm so glad she brought you into the "family!"