Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bay Area

On Friday Madilynn had her follow up with Dr. Sun for her surgery and everything went well. She is doing awesome. We'll have to go back in 5 months to have another MRI and Sleep Study to make sure the sleep apnea is gone and that nothing is growing back. While we were there we stayed and had a little mini vacation! We went to Half Moon bay and ate at our favorite restaurant.  It was yummy like usual!

Then we found a tree farm that had a little festival, it was super fun!

That night we got together with Alex's only Aunt and one of his cousins.  It was wonderful to catch up and spend some time with them, we need to do that more often!

Here are my girls at the hotel, Lexie thinks it's magical to stay at the Embassy Suites.  There's a pool and free breakfast (she amazes easily!)

On our way home we stopped at the Nut Tree.

Had a great time with my family! 

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Caden and Mommy said...

Yeah for a fun little trip. Caden loves hotels as well. Such simple pleasures they have. :o)

I'm glady Madilyn's visit at the doctor went well. Caden still has moderate sleep apena even after his decompression, tonsil and adenoid removal :o( It is quite common in our little ones.

Crossing my fingers for a good follow up MRI & Sleep Study in 5 months!