Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My girls

So far the girls have loved their Christmas gifts.....Here is a teething ring for Maddie (and a cable daddy gave her)

And here is the "what not to do" picture for make up application!

She LOVES putting on her make up and walks around like a modle when she does!

Who doesn't love bath time!  It's a hit around here!

Love theses girls!!!


Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

The girls are GORGEOUS! OMG I can't take it! Maddie is getting so big! And Lexie with that make-up is hysterical and AWESOME! She is a DIVA! Xoxo

Jennifer said...

Love that your girls LOVE bathtime! My older boys fight over who is going first when I say "Showers"! I actually have a schedule *rolling eyes*! Reid HATES bathtime with a passion!!! Screams the whole time! I sure hope he outgrows it! Bathtime should be soothing and get them ready for bed...well it gets him ready for bed because he's worn out after all that fussing. :( Crazy boys!