Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy 9 months!

My little girl just turned 9 months, wow time has been flying by.  I can't believe how different my 2 girls are from each other.  They have come from the same parents, same home and yet at this early stage I can tell they are so different.  Madilynn is our leader!  Very independent, strong and stubborn.  She doesn't care for a blankie or a binkie and Lexie always had to have both.  She isn't much of a cuddler either, unlike her sister.  She is also so observant to her surroundings!  She can see a clear piece of plastic across the room and get over there and put it in her mouth before you know she's even on a mission.  She has found many things and choked on them all.  She sure is a mover now.  She's not crawling, but she rolls to everything and it hasn't slowed her down at all.  She can get to it no matter where it is.  Both of my girls have the "NO SLEEPING IN THE CAR SEAT" rule and  I don't understand this at all since I sleep like a baby if I'm not driving. 

She's a joy!  We love her and know her independent, strong attitude will help her through her life.  She is proud to be little and will show you it doesn't mean a thing to her success in life.  We're excited to see all her accomplishments along the way!!!!!!!!!!

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Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Happy 9 months Maddy! You are a sweetie! Xoxo