Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just another weekend

I think for the rest of our lives we will be visiting some Dr. or another. This last weekend Madilynn and I were in the hospital for a follow up MRI. We got there on Thursday night and got to stay with Courtney and Scott and had so much fun!! Thurs we went to Sushi (it was SOOOOO GOOD!!) and then started a movie. We were all super tired so we didn't finish it and went to bed. Friday morning we were at the hospital at 715a for the MRI. Madilynn was so hungry and did so good but the last 15 minutes was terrible. We walked the halls and I started singing to her "Where is pointer?" and through her cries she raised her index finger, it was so funny. We finally walked to the MRI area and she is old enough now to know if something is strange or different and she started crying, of course looking at me with those sad "save me" eyes I started to cry. Within seconds she was knocked out though. This was a much shorter MRI (if you don't remember our last one go here and scroll to the bottom and read it from the bottom to top) and we were out of there in no time.  Here is the recovery room still OUT!

She woke up and we dressed her and gave her something to drink and they took the IV out.

Then we went back to Scott and Courtney's house (I'm so sad I didn't get one picture of them or us together) and hung out while Madilynn napped.  Then off to visit one of our LP family.  We had so much fun with Katy and her family.

Then we were off to the sleep study.  (or should I say no sleep sleep study)  they strap her up to a ton of wires and then say go sleep.  So I finally get her to sleep and then something falls off and they put it back on and she wakes up again, this went on ALL NIGHT!  around 2 she fell asleep and didn't wake back up until 600a when they woke us up.  I was so tired but happy to leave.

We met up with part of my family who went to a big Flea Market, all the girls bought matching hats.
Boy was I glad to be home!!!


Hollye said...

She is such a sweetie and you are a trooper Mama. That can't be easy. I wanted to cry when you explain that look in her sweet eyes...Dang!
So, you did get me a matching hat, right!? lol i hate being left out, piss. (hehe) No, but really, PISS. Wish I could be there to support the troopers :0)

Becky said...

Poor baby buy she still has such a sweet smile.

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Look at that sleeping beauty!
It was so great that you guys met up with Caty! How wonderful! Xoxo

Vanessa said...

Oh, that does not sound like fun for ether of you. I'm glad it was over quickly, though! She is so precious!

The Cavard Family said...

She is so stinkin' cite and happy! Those sleep tests are the worst, how did the MRI results turn out? Max is getting one more in Paris before we move to Boston, I hope he will be ok for the second round because like you said once they start to know their environment they tend to tense up! Hope you are doing well!

Jamie said...

Oh she is a trooper!! How did the MRI turn out? You are a trooper as well! Its never easy letting them take your baby away from you. We have only had one MRI but I bawled like a baby when I had to leave the room. Hope all turns out well!!