Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumkin Patch 2012

We decided last minute to run to the pumpkin patch today since it's suppose to be raining next Tuesday when we really wanted to go.  We were super excited to meet Uncle Scott there!  This was our first year going on a weekend and it was PACKED!!!!!!  Just a total sea of people.
The girls were super excited to go!
First stop was the pony rides, one of Lexie's favorite things!!!  Here we are waiting for our turn.
Lexie loved it, like always.....

Madilynn not so much!


This was Madilynn's favorite thing to do, brush the goats.

 Waiting for the train.

 resting on the grass.....

 Since Madilynn didn't want to ride her horse lexie got a 2nd ride.....

 It was a great day and both the girls were asleep before we left the parking lot!!!


Allie Ogden said...

Looks like fun! The girls are so cute!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Such great pics!!! I love them all!!! I love going to the pumpkin farm. I was LMAO when Maddy was crying on her pony ride because Lyla also hates pony rides!!! The girls look beautiful!!! Xoxo