Thursday, October 18, 2012


I woke up really crabby today, mostly because I tried to shove too many things in this morning.......I found myself being really short with the girls and annoyed.  As I drove home from dropping Lexie off at preschool I felt guilty for putting my stress onto my girls and thought how unfair that was of me.  I decided I was going to plan better, wake up earlier and not be "that" mom again.  After picking Lexie up from preschool it was much more relaxed.....Lexie and I played outside while Maddie napped.

 I only put this picture in cause I think my arm looks freakishly long!!!

 picture courtesy of Lexie

 After Madilynn woke up she got into Lexie's Make up......silly girl.

 Then it was time for dress up. 

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