Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I've been tagged

I feel like I just did this, but I'm sure I can think of 7 more things....

1. We're moving to Paradise
2. Alex wants us to have kids til we get a boy.
3. I hate good morning america....Merideth ruined that show
4. Halloween is my favorite holiday and then Christmas.
5. I had about 2 months of piano lessons and then taought myself the rest.
6. I hate seeing people brush their teeth. Don't think about talking to me during it.....YUCK!
7. I hate it when my toenail polish is chipped.

Ok I tag anyone who hasn't done this yet. You know who you are and I'll be checking!


chats said...

Are you kidding about moving? What ward?

Aaron and Michelle said...

I know you better than I realized! Send me your new address! I need to send you the kids pictures!

Corrina Hale said...

You're moving again? Wow...is that part of the craziness? We'll miss you in our ward.

Nance said...

Paradise, huh? Cool! I stayed in Paradise for a night at a scary house- I thought it may be haunted!! Don't move there (to that house)

That's funny abt the brushing teeth thing I am trying to remember if I brushed my teeth in front if you.... we had our own bathroom, we were so blessed!!

Magnificently Morrow said...

You guys are really moving? When? How sad! I can't believe you taught yourself to play piano, you're really really good! I'm gonna miss you guys, especially that cutie patootie sweetheart girl of yours!