Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Our little angel is 2 today!!! You've heard it a million times, but I honestly can't believe she's that old!!! She is a great kid, who enjoys life and we can't complain AT ALL!! What she's up too...... 1. She loves to DANCE and SING. Doesn't matter the kind of music, she'll dance to it. Ballet to classical music and hip hop to rap. Some how she just knows. 2. She has all her teeth (all the ones she is suppose to have at this time). She loves brushing her teeth and often begs for her tooth brush if she sees any one else brushing their teeth. 3. She loves animals of every kind....bugs, spiders, cats, doesn't matter to her. 4. She's still a little afraid of slides. Once she does them, it's fine....but up until the moment she goes down she is scared. 5. If you ask her how old she is she holds up 2 fingers. Sometimes with both hands and it's like she's saying PEACE!! 6. She can match up shapes and colors. 7. Still not a lot of talking. What she does say, shoes, teeth, cheese, and one more. She signs drink, thank you, please and time for bed. 8. She loves story time before bed. We could read 50 books and she'd still say 1 more. 9. She likes to count, it's jibberish, but in her head she's counting (I think) Here are some pictures from this morning. Bella and Taylor stayed the night so we all went in and sang happy birthday to her. I thought she was up, but when we went in there she was asleep. We started singing happy birthday and she started crying. It was funny!! She finally figured out what was going on and had fun. It was funny, afterwards I was talking about her crying on the phone and she pretended to cry again....for the story.

Here is video of us singing to's really dark, but funny!
Taylor made these signs the night before, so cute. Bath time... I asked her how old she was....


Becky said...

She sure is a cutie! Happy Birthday girlie girl.

chats said...

Yipeeee! What fun. I love it that she started crying but then realized what was happening. She is at such a fun age. It's amazing how entertaining they can be. By the way. I love the play by play of the eye.

jonna said...

gotta say it again...what did you ever do without her? you all look so happy (and so far away!) i love how you fill your blog with pictures. i don't even know taylor, but i have loved watching her, and the other cousins grow up, as well as alexa!

love you guys! (wish we had our old home teacher back, too!) <3