Tuesday, February 11, 2014


We've been busy the last few days.....making homemade bread!
Having a date night with my man
Going to a movie with some of the family
Then on Sunday we headed to Oakland for a few appointments.  We drove in the rain the whole way and Madilynn loved using the umbrella.
We gave her a bath before bed and she got a little Barney in
And woke up like this.  Such a sweet happy girl even at 530AM

She had another set of tubes put in, only took about 20 minutes and her recovery was fast and easy.
We played outside for a few hours then met up with friends, friends, friends!

and now we're home.  This girl is happy to be back!

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Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

So happy Maddy's ear tube surgery went well!!!
You guys did have a busy week!!! Xoxo