Thursday, February 6, 2014

Last week

Man the weather here was amazing last week.  70ish every day, we had a blast!  Be aware, there are lots of pictures to follow with large amounts of cuteness in them!!  You have been warned!
We love to go to subway after ballet, just easier for mommy and the girls think it's something special!

We did tons of crafts!

Played at the park often!

went to krispie kremes with cousins!

More parks

Then the BYU dancers came to town

Our 2 favorites got to stay the night at our house, it was amazing and they were great!  Lexie was in heaven!

Making Lumpia (a dish from the Philippines)

The Penguin Parade with Alexa's school.  Mrs. Wright is Lexie's teacher on maternity leave and Ms. E is filling in.

Maddie got to join Alexa's dance class, she loved it.  Guess we need to start looking into starting classes this year.

Went to lunch with grandma and Auntie Becky

Making Honey Wheat bread
We had fun, what did you do?
PS  the weather is back to what it should be, rainy and COLD!! 

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